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Before you can appreciate information about Deep Bleaching, you need to understand about teeth whitening in general.

People have different colors of teeth and different lightness and darkness of their teeth; just like people have different colors of skin, hair color and eye color; and different lightness and darkness of skin, hair and eyes. Dark teeth are NOT just due to staining foods and drinks over time.

Over the years the NATURAL colors, deeper within the teeth, get darker. Also stains not only accumulate ON the surface of the teeth, but soak deeply INTO the teeth to further darken teeth. This is why at age 40 you see that your teeth are darker than they were when you were 16, even if you do not consume things like coffee, tea or red wine. But you see they are even darker if you DO consume those staining foods and drinks.

Teeth whitening works by using peroxide gels that give off oxygen. This oxygen, if it enters the tooth structure properly, breaks long-chain stain molecules into smaller pieces. The significance is that long-chain molecules in teeth are DARK. Little short molecules are white.


Deep Bleaching will involve an examination by dentist and very sophisticated, super-accurate impressions (molds) of your teeth to provide incredible accuracy of the teeth and gumline. These molds will be used in the fabrication of your Deep Bleaching Trays.

You will then return to our office for the conditioning visit. Using Deep Bleaching Trays, a very specific HYDROGEN peroxide bleaching gel will be placed on your teeth for 40 minutes. Do not expect to see much, if any whiteness from this procedure. Remember, permeability of your teeth to oxygen is critical to bleaching, and this procedure will begin to rejuvenate your teeth and enhance the teeth ability to absorb oxygen.

You will be given your at-home Deep Bleaching Kit and shown how to use it. You will sleep for 14 nights with the Deep Bleaching Trays, using a CARBAMIDE peroxide bleaching gel, selected specifically for use in Deep Bleaching Trays to release oxygen for several hours each night. By the end of the 14th night, you will already be amazed by the whiteness of your teeth. Patients with unusually difficult stains or tetracycline stains will bleach for additional nights.

At your final Deep Bleaching visit to your dentist, another high concentration HYDROGEN peroxide gel will be placed on your teeth for one hour. Typically you will see an additional blast of whiteness occur, resulting in a beautiful white, white smile.

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