Well, you can probably guess the answer to that question without our help. White teeth give off a healthy glow (especially when someone smiles), that just wouldn’t have the same effect if someone’s teeth were yellow, brown, or another less than desirable color. That could be one of the many reasons why it’s so popular right now.

At Westtown Dental Care, one of the leading orthodontist offices in Chester County, PA, and other local areas, we’ve always been told the phrase to pave your own path and not do what everyone else is doing, but in this case, you may want to follow everyone else and get your teeth whitened. Fortunately, there are many teeth whitening products and systems out there, including toothpastes, strips, trays, gels, and rinses, that can help you achieve the picture-perfect smile that you’ve been longing for, all without having to spend too much money.

What does teeth whitening do?

Teeth whitening is a process used to lighten your teeth (surprise!) and remove any discoloration and stains. It’s one of the most popular dental procedures right now because it can greatly improve how your teeth look. If you’re interested in this treatment and you’d like the outcome of whiter teeth at an affordable price, you can rely on our West Chester, PA cosmetic dentistry team here at Westtown Dental Care.

What are the most common reasons people need teeth whitening?

Although anyone who wants whiter teeth can choose to get this treatment, there are sometimes specific reasons why people choose to get teeth whitening care from their dentist or orthodontist. The reasons that someone may need this treatment include:

  • Consistently drinking dark-colored liquids including soda, coffee, red wine, and tea
  • Using tobacco
  • Not taking good care of their teeth

These actions may cause your teeth to become yellow or stained, which leads to the desire for teeth whitening. If you believe that you could benefit from this procedure, we encourage you to look more into the teeth whitening process that we offer here at Westtown Dental Care. To learn more about how to get your teeth to be the whitest in the room, contact us at 484-712-2010.