It takes a lot of effort to keep your teeth white. Since there are so many ways to stain your teeth on a daily basis. For example, things like coffee, wine, smoking and other foods all stain teeth. A good rule is that if it can stain a shirt it can stain your teeth! Our Chester County patients are extremely satisfied with our teeth whitening services. We recommend teeth whitening to patients that want to restore the color of their teeth, or for those that want even whiter than natural color teeth. Let the most referred dentistry through Newtown Square, Downingtown and Glen Mills get you the smile you deserve. We have helped many patients throughout Malvern, Chester County, West Chester and other local areas get their teeth white and keep them white.

We use a simple try whitening system. Before the process of whitening can even being we need to make the tray use for the process. So an impression of your teeth is taken and sent off to the lab to craft your whitening tray. Once the tray is done, during our next appointment we will instruct you on how to use the whitening gel and tray to make your teeth whiter. After a few days of correct use your teeth will be up to 8 shades whiter!

Deep Bleaching System

Combination of In-office and Take Home Whitening Procedures


To understand teeth whitening in general you will first need to understand why teeth get darker as you and understand that things you consume can stain them even further.

Much like how eye, skin and hair color work teeth are also controlled at the genetic level as to what color they naturally will be. That being said staining by food or drink over time is not the only cause for teeth becoming darker.

As you age the natural color that are deeper with your teeth will get darker. Stains are not just on the surface they will soak into the deeper parts of your teeth as well. So even if you did not consume any staining foods from the age of 16 to the age of 40 your teeth will still be darker at 40 than they were at 16. Your teeth would be even darker if you did consume staining foods.

We use a peroxide gel for teeth whitening. Peroxide gel gives off oxygen that enters the tooth and breaks down the molecules that stain the teeth.


We will first preform an examination, after that we will take an impression of your teeth. These will be used to create your Deep Bleaching Trays.

After the trays are made your teeth will need to be conditioned using a specific kind of HYDROGEN peroxide bleaching gel in order to affect how your teeth absorbs oxygen. This visit is not going to change the color of your teeth it is meant to prepare your teeth for the deep bleaching process.

After your teeth have been properly conditioned we will give you an at-home Deep Bleaching Kit along with some instruction on how to use it. You will sleep with your trays in using a Carbamide Peroxide Bleaching Gel, which is designed to release oxygen over several hours, every night for 2 weeks. By the last night you will surprised by how white your teeth are. Of course patients with deeper stains may require additional nights of treatment.

After the at- home treatments there will be one more visit where we will use a high concentration HYDROGEN peroxide gel for an hour to give you one last blast of whiteness. Leaving you with the white smile you always wanted.