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We do Wisdom teeth extractions on a fairly regularly basis. Wisdom teeth many times can cause issues as they are growing through the gums. A tooth that gets stuck under or partially protrudes from the gums is an impacted tooth, this happens because that tooth came in at an angle instead of going straight up through the gums.

In cases where there is a partially exposed wisdom an operculum or skin can form over it. Operculums can create pockets where pieces of food get stuck, these areas are also more difficult for patients to clean on their own. Which can easily lead to an infection like pericoronitis developing. Pericoronitis will cause some swelling and pain in the area and usually goes away on its own.

Problems like infection, jaw bone degeneration and constant pain can be caused by impacted teeth and wisdom teeth that need to be removed. Sometimes extractions range from patients that need to have all four wisdom teeth removed at once, or some only need one tooth to be extracted. While we recommend local anesthetics to avoid any pain or discomfort we understand some patients will not want to be anesthetized. We also offer sedation with any dental procedure, call us today to find out more.

In order to reveal the impacted tooth the gum tissue around it will need to be cut open. Depending on the level of impaction and the size of the tooth their are different ways to preform an extraction. Most commonly used is the process of loosening the grip on the tooth by wiggling it back and forth until it can be removed from the mouth. With more sever levels of impaction the tooth cannot simply be pulled out. If that is the case then the tooth will need to be broken into pieces in order to be removed.

If surgery was need or if anesthesia was used, you will need to rest afterwards. Also you will need a friend or family member to drive you home afterwards. Bleeding is to be expected after an extraction you will need to use gauges for the extraction site and reapply it when it becomes soaked. Contact us immediately if bleeding continues for more than 24 hours. When resting make sure you are not laying flat as this will prolong the bleeding. Take any pain medication we prescribe only as directed. We also recommend ice packs for any swelling. If we provide any cleaning solutions for the extraction site please use them as directed.

Do not use a straw when drinking or smoke during the healing process. Suction can cause your sutures to loosen and prolong the bleeding by inhibiting the clotting process.

Feel free to contact us about any concerns you may have about the healing process.