Mouth Guards

Custom mouth guards come in a variety of colors

Westtown Dental care offers Mouth Guards to patients throughout the Thorndale, Malvern, Chester County and other local areas. Mouth guards should be worn by any athlete who are involved with contact sports such as football, hockey, lacrosse, wrestling, basketball, baseball, or any sport where contact to the jaw is possible. The main benefit of wearing a mouth guard is to help prevent structural damage to the jaw and to reduce the risk of concussions, but it can also prevent lacerations to the cheek, tongue, and lips. Sporting goods store offer ill-fitting or uncomfortable mouth guards that simply do not offer the best level of protection. Only a custom fitted mouth guard can offer the best possible protection for YOUR mouth. Our custom mouth guards are created from thin plastic that is hardened to fit and protect your teeth. This allows for the mouth guard to be thinner making them very comfortable and easier to breath in. Also these thinner but stronger mouth guards are much easier to talk and communicate which can be very important in some sports.

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