Before Bridge

Example of prior to receiving a Bridge

Dental bridges are made with metal, alloys, old or porcelain, and use existing teeth to replace missing teeth. A dental bridges is just like it sounds, it uses existing teeth to bridge the gap where there is a missing tooth. Since they are made from strong materials that are durable is last a long time.

First we will need to make abutments for the teeth to be attached to on the existing teeth. After re-contoured the the teeth that will act as the base for the bridge a mold is taken of the area that can we use to make the bridge.  In our lab we will make use of the mold to create a bridge that fits and will feel like your natural teeth. A dental bridge is made up of two crowns on both side that attach to the abutments on the existing teeth and a pontic to fill in the space of the missing tooth.

Since the lab will take time to make the permanent bridge it is not unusual for a patient to be fitted with a temporary bridge to protect the abutments on the existing teeth. One the permanent bridge has been completed you will need an addition appointment to set it in place. We use dental adhesive to make sure it is permanently in place.

After completing a Bridge

It will take time to adjust to the new bridge, but after a few days they will feel like natural teeth. Avoid hard meats and sticky food for a few days after the permanent bridge is placed.

Replacing a missing tooth is better done sooner rather than later if you have the option. Setting aside the aesthetic difference having a missing tooth will cause structural damage to your surrounding teeth and the jaw bone.

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