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Westtown Dental Care offers Implant Overdentures for patients in Chester County, Paoli, Glen Mills, and West Chester, PA. Overdentures are good treatment options for people with multiple or all of their teeth missing. Instead of gaining their support from remaining teeth and dental arches like conventional dentures do, overdentures are being supported or retained by dental implants. Dental implants are titanium anchors permanently placed in the upper or lower jaw bone. They intragrade the bone in a few months, and once implants intragrade special attachments are connected. These attachments tightly click into respective housings inside part of the implant overdentures. That tight fit gives overdentures the type of stability that can not be achieved otherwise.

Advantages of Implant Overdenture:

  • Eat the food you love
  • Regain your self confidence
  • No more messy adhesives
  • Improve your Quality of life
  • Prevent bone loss

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Overdentures in Chester County, Exton & West Goshen

Conventional partial dentures gain their stability from remaining teeth. By doing so they place a tremendous amount of pressure on those teeth and with time a person ends up loosing more teeth. Improved stability also allows a person to chew food better and digest it easier. On the upper arch this stability allows us to make upper implant overdenture in the horseshoe shape instead of covering the palate as in a conventional denture does. This means you can taste the food better.

Dental implants aslo continue to stimulate bone, like natural teeth do, because of this they either slow down or even stop the resorption process following the loss of a tooth.

Implant Overdentures retained with implants fit more securely than one held in with denture adhesives. This secure fit not only increases the confidence and ability to chew food comfortably, but also eliminates unnecessary movements during chewing and talking. This lessens the chances of getting mouth sores and embarrasing dislodgement. Overdentures were developed to help partially or fully edentulous patients regain a quality of life back.

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Benefits of Inplace Overdentures