Sedation Dentistry

You no longer need to fear going to the dentist with sedation dentistry, get the fabulous healthy smile you deserve. You can finally relax in the dentist chair. The medication that we use for sedation has an amnesic effect, meaning you will have very few memories if any of the visit.

Recovery is easy

After your treatment you may experience some disorientation, make sure someone is there to drive you home and stay with you during the recovery process. Most patients recover from sedation by the following day. Many of our patients are surprised at how quick the process seems and how much we accomplished. It may seem like a blink of an eye.

We work with your budget

We have financial options available and we work with your insurance to maximize the benefits they provide.

Today’s Patient can enjoy the following luxuries

  • Head Rest Pillows
  • Blankets
  • Soothing Music
  • Laughing Gas (Nitrous Oxide) can be used to control the level of sedation

Sedation Dentistry in Chester County, West Chester, Exton & West Goshen

Our patients throughout West Chester enjoy Sedation. This dentist office uses Sedation to give patients in Chester County, Malvern, and other local areas a more enjoyable dental experience. Sedation is most often used by Chester County patients that need more dentistry done in few appointments. Many of our Chester County patients make use of sedation so that hours of dentistry work feels like minutes. Westtown Dental Care offers Sedation for patients throughout Pennsylvania.