Silvery Whites: The Potential Dangers of Dental Amalgam

Cavities are exceedingly common, with 90% of the U.S. population having one over the course of their life. When treating cavities, the affected area is drilled out to prevent the decay from spreading. But that hole, if unfilled, leaves the patient more susceptible to future decay, as the hole is thoroughly uncleanable through conventional means. That is why dentists fill... read more »

How Gum Disease Develops and the Importance of Seeing the Dentist

Last week’s post focused on the body’s interconnectedness, and how unhealthy gums can lead to hosts of health problems in seemingly separate areas of the body, like the heart or lungs. This week, we’ll be focusing on the stages of gum disease, and the importance and efficacy of seeing a professional and treating gum conditions early. The first and least... read more »

A (Tooth) Brush through History

Sitting in a cup, holder or drawer in almost every American home is the humble toothbrush. A twice-daily ritual of plastic and bristles, we use them to clean our teeth and maintain our dental health. The variations of a toothbrush today are staggering. You can find one in any size or shape, any character or color, all sold conveniently in... read more »