Unseen Challenges Of Modern Orthodontics And A Promising Solution For Kids

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Though the field of orthodontics has made incredible strides in recent history, with the process shifting from wildly conspicuous to almost unnoticeable, it still harbors some of its oldest “cons” — pain. The unavoidable fact is editing one’s dentition is an uncomfortable task. Be it through the tightening of wires or the swapping of aligners, exerting the proper pressure on the teeth and moving them back to alignment causes aches, soreness and twinges. In the case of braces, cuts and scrapes are added to the potential stressor. For parents with young children who require dental care, this pain can heighten the battle against braces increasing stress for both parent and child.

What is HealthyStart?

But there is a potential solution. HealthyStart is a non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-pharmaceutical alternative to braces and clear aligners. However, if your adult teeth have already come in, it is unfortunately no longer an option. It works on dentition within the short period of childhood where one loses baby teeth and the adult teeth erupts. For young children, it could potentially provide a cheaper, faster and more comfortable alternative.

How HealthyStart Works

HealthyStart is worn at night and looks like a large clear retainer. The inside is molded to the proper dentition. A plus of HealthyStart is its shorter wear time: simply worn during sleep as opposed to 24/7. As the adult teeth begin to come in, regardless of the potentially initial wonky pattern, the mold guides the growing teeth to the proper placement. The soft and inconstant coaxing of the mold eases teeth into the proper position, training them to grow properly, as opposed to the mechanical force applied to shift teeth in prior methods of dental alignment. This informs another perk of HealthyStart: decreased risk of teeth relapse. The righted position becomes the original through the training.

Dentition Issues Addressed

Many kinds of dentition issues can be addressed with HealthyStart: overbite, overjet, open bite, crowded teeth and underdeveloped jaw. HealthyStart’s fixing of the jaw and oral structures also relieves many of the side effects of Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB). SDB occurs when a child’s airways are narrow, resulting in lessened oxygen intake. This causes mouth breathing, which compounds the sleep and breath problems of the abnormal oral structure. Continual mouth breathing can exacerbate compromised dentition (which can result in requiring orthodontic intervention), cause improper exchange of C02 and oxygen, and fuel the underdevelopment of various jaw, tongue and mouth muscles.

Such underdevelopment can limit oral dexterity. Limited oral dexterity results in a decreased proficiency in speaking, chewing and swallowing. HealthyStart can open up airways by bringing the upper and lower jaws forward, thus widening the airways. Increased oxygen to the brain, and a decreased dependency on mouth breathing, can aid in improving a child’s immune and hormonal systems, as well as overall health.

Is HealthyStart Right for Your Child?

Much like how children are taught in school how to properly write or sing the alphabet, so too do our teeth have to be molded and taught in their early stages. That isn’t to say an old dog can’t learn new tricks, or older teeth cannot be orthotactically fixed. Braces and plastic aligners do and will work orthodontic wonders. But it does become a significantly harder and more tedious process. If you think HealthyStart is right for your child, you can visit their website (HealthyStart) which connects you with experts who will discuss your specific case and connect you with providers in your area.

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