Better Understanding The Dental Impacts Of Pacifier Use In Children

Is your family home filled with fading photos of you, snuggled in some onesie, with a pacifier in your mouth? Are you a parent who had 12 identical copies of your baby’s binkie, which you can go nowhere without in fear of a meltdown? Do you work at a restaurant, and often find abandoned pacifiers lying under tables, with frantic... read more »

Unseen Challenges Of Modern Orthodontics And A Promising Solution For Kids

Though the field of orthodontics has made incredible strides in recent history, with the process shifting from wildly conspicuous to almost unnoticeable, it still harbors some of its oldest "cons” -- pain. The unavoidable fact is editing one’s dentition is an uncomfortable task. Be it through the tightening of wires or the swapping of aligners, exerting the proper pressure on... read more »

How Gum Disease Develops and the Importance of Seeing the Dentist

Last week’s post focused on the body’s interconnectedness, and how unhealthy gums can lead to hosts of health problems in seemingly separate areas of the body, like the heart or lungs. This week, we’ll be focusing on the stages of gum disease, and the importance and efficacy of seeing a professional and treating gum conditions early. The first and least... read more »

How Does Invisalign® Shift Our Smiles?

The primary image surrounding orthodontics is a metal, train-track smile. We see it plainly in orthodontics offices’ logos: brackets and wires and bands. Fixing a smile has long been a very public and noticeable affair. There is even evidence that braces existed in some form as far back as ancient Egypt! So it can be puzzling to look at Invisalign®,... read more »